How to set up and keep an electronic correspondence journal

let’s start from the beginning In today’s post, I would like to offer you a solution to the problem of clutter in business correspondence. More than once, in our family business, I have seen how […]


How to manage incoming and outgoing correspondence in the company?

Regardless of whether you manage the office of a large law firm, a small foundation, the secretary’s office of a school, sports club or joint-stock company, one of the processes for which you are responsible […]


Secretariat under control

The efficiency of information flow in the company and its communication with the environment is largely determined by the quality of the secretariat’s work. The use of specialized software to support the implementation of the […]


Electronic correspondence flow

Fast registration of documents It is enough to scan the document or send it by e-mail and it will be automatically registered in the correspondence journal. You don’t need to run it in Excel anymore, […]