What is the difference between a digital mailroom and a correspondence management system?


Transform your mailroom into a strategic resource for your company. Your knowledge workers can access the full power of information exactly when they need it for better and faster business choices with enterprise-class registration, scanning, data capture, and automatic document routing capabilities.

Digital mailroom

Digital Mailroom

To reduce costs, free up important resources, and improve business productivity, use advanced document capture, classification, data extraction, and business process integration to digitize and intelligently route all of your corporate correspondence.

Registry of Electronic Documents

Using a companywide centralized electronic registry that ensures document traceability, you can eliminate the danger of losing documents or incorrect classification. Automated notification technologies and task allocation can help you improve the efficiency of your company processes.

Management of Correspondence

Automate mailroom activities and correspondence distribution to the appropriate people and processes, swiftly register, classify, and route any incoming or outgoing business communication, and discover and extract relevant content from paper and electronic letters.

Market motivation and requirements

Increasing the amount of inbound communication that comes in across all channels;
In order to improve the client experience, there is a need for even faster responses to enquiries.
Pressure from competitors to improve productivity, quality, and transparency;
Minimizing manual work procedures and physical storage reduces costs.
Observing compliance guidelines and acting in an ecologically friendly manner;
Long response times/penalties as a result of document processing and delivery delays;
Photocopying and distributing physical documents are expensive;

Document tracking is difficult – document registration/access (inbound/outbound/internal) and distribution to various authorized parties is time,consuming and difficult to follow;
Low efficiency – the ratio of working time to waiting time in a workflow is 1:4.

Issues and problems with customers

Due to the large time spent retrieving information, there was a delay in responding to consumer requests.
Information sharing between authorized users inside and outside the firm is difficult;
Documents lost or damaged;
a lack of transparency in terms of organizational processes;
Due to a lack of access to essential business data, decision assistance is insufficient.
Ensure that information access is secure;
Decision-making methods that are both faster and more accurate.

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