CMS is a standalone software solution.

CMS allows you to record the correspondence received and sent. For a given correspondence, it is possible to assign departments responsible for confirming the receipt of correspondence. The person responsible for the secretarial services can automatically send reminders by e-mail from the correspondence log to the employees in order to confirm the documents put into circulation.

ATSoftware Correspondence Management Solution (CMS) ensures seamless and cost effective management of incoming and outgoing correspondence that helps organizations deliver great customer experience, ensuring process efficiencies and compliance.

As a result, both paper-based and electronic correspondences are quickly assembled, registered and stored in a single secure repository with different levels of access where you can track correspondence’s processing progress and retrieve the files you need anytime.

Easy to use

CMS is fast to use. The installer contains all libraries for system operation. Just download and install.


The main advantages of the program include the creation of correspondence reports, printouts, adding files to the contractor’s data, checking the correctness and locating.

  • Simple registration and correspondence management processes
  • Fully compliant with the highest information security standards
  • Smart documents search and retrieval by predefined criteria
  • Real time and historical tracking for correspondences processes
  • Notification and alerts based on pre-defined business rules
  • Multi- language support
  • Improved efficiency and productivity
  • Availability of statistical reports and interactive dashboards

Basic functions

  • Records of incoming and outgoing correspondence
  • Categorization of incoming and outgoing documents
  • Assigning correspondence to individual departments to confirm acceptance
  • Attaching attachments to correspondence
  • Cooperation with scanning devices
  • Serial scanning of documents
  • Create a mail merge
  • Create serial shipments
  • Printouts of correspondence, envelopes, and the sending book
  • Sending e-mails with a notification about the need to confirm documents

Save Time

With  Correspondence Management Tool, organizations can save time by quickly creating custom correspondence in a streamlined process from creation to distribution. Customers can receive the right information at the right time while being secure, timely, and convenient.

No More Missed Deadlines

Correspondence Management is crucial for meeting tight deadlines, achieving the highest level of productivity, and efficiently governing the number of correspondence channels. Correspondence Management Solution can track all incoming and outgoing business correspondences of an organization and provide access to custom assigned roles.

Never Lose Correspondence Again

From emails, important files, requests for information, letters, and faxes, it is easy to lose track of correspondence in your organization. AtSoftware Correspondence Management Tool can ingest email, organize your documents, manage retention, and provide quick and easy searching capabilities.