Correspondence Management System

Modern document management solution

Cost reduction

Fast document workflow

Easy to use

Simple interface

Cooperation with other systems

Import from various sources

No loss of documents

Archiving of documents

Best Correspondence App

Implement Modern Digitalization Solutions and Improve Productivity

By implementing paperless correspondence, 42% of users have achieved a payback period of 12 months or less, 57% are posting a payback of 18-months or less.

Benefits of Correspondence Management System

Never Lose Correspondence Again

From emails, important files, requests for information, letters, and faxes, it is easy to lose track of correspondence in your organization. Correspondence Management Tool can ingest email, organize your documents, manage retention, and provide quick and easy searching capabilities.

Save Time

With Correspondence Management Tool, organizations can save time by quickly creating custom correspondence in a streamlined process from creation to distribution. Customers can receive the right information at the right time while being secure, timely, and convenient.

No More Missed Deadlines

Correspondence Management is crucial for meeting tight deadlines, achieving the highest level of productivity, and efficiently governing the number of correspondence channels. Correspondence Management Solution can track all incoming and outgoing business correspondences of an organization and provide access to custom assigned roles.

Customized to Fit Your Needs

Through customizable document templates, forms, templates, and more, makes it easy to create a Correspondence Management System to fit your organization’s unique needs.

What is a Correspondence Management System ?

A Correspondence Management System [CMS] manages the creation, capture, tracking and delivery of personalised, secure, and interactive correspondence. It provides an easy to use interface and easy to use tools to help organisations implement complex business rules, workflows and streamline correspondence management process.

Newly received correspondence can be imported either electronically via file and systems integrations or through scanning any paper correspondence directly into the system. All types of correspondence can be captured easily and conveniently.

The amount of correspondence taking place between organisations, within organisations or between customers and the organisation is huge. The larger the organisation, the more resources it takes to handle them manually.

Correspondence Management System Features

  • Easily Create, Manage And Track Internal Or External Correspondences
  • Create And Assign Tasks In Response To Correspondence
  • Correspondence Archiving & Viewing
  • E-Mail Notification Of Correspondence/ Changes
  • SMTP, Scanner & SMS Gateway Integration

  • Create Correspondences From Pre-Defined Templates
  • History And Audit Trail Of All Correspondences
  • Comprehensive Version Control
  • Barcode Insertion & Search In Correspondence
  • Add Public And Private Comments On Correspondences

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