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Did you realize that the great majority of crucial business documents are still processed by hand? What does that mean in terms of your company? If your company still deals with a large volume of printed documents on a regular basis, our mailroom services may be beneficial.

You can streamline your document management procedures, save expenses, and improve overall operational efficiency by automating the intake, verification, and digital conversion of your organization’s vital information.

Our team has developed mailroom solutions for a variety of companies in a variety of industries, ranging from manufacturing to healthcare, government agencies to private businesses. We modernized their mailrooms in each case by leveraging today’s most advanced document management systems, and we can do the same for your company.

Benefits of Mailroom Correspondence Management System

Never Lose Correspondence Again

From emails, important files, requests for information, letters, and faxes, it is easy to lose track of correspondence in your organization. Correspondence Management Tool can ingest email, organize your documents, manage retention, and provide quick and easy searching capabilities.

Save Time

With Correspondence Management Tool, organizations can save time by quickly creating custom correspondence in a streamlined process from creation to distribution. Customers can receive the right information at the right time while being secure, timely, and convenient.

No More Missed Deadlines

Correspondence Management is crucial for meeting tight deadlines, achieving the highest level of productivity, and efficiently governing the number of correspondence channels. Correspondence Management Solution can track all incoming and outgoing business correspondences of an organization and provide access to custom assigned roles.

Customized to Fit Your Needs

Through customizable document templates, forms, templates, and more, makes it easy to create a Correspondence Management System to fit your organization’s unique needs.

Why Should Your Mailroom Be Automated?

Our mailroom services may be the right choice for your company if you need to process incoming papers such as applications, annual registrations, survey cards, license renewals, or other forms of information. Not only can we eliminate the need for manual processes, but we can also ensure that documents are processed quickly and accurately.

Receiving paperwork, imaging and entering data, processing and compiling checks or fees, and enabling safe storage and transmission of information are all part of our mailroom services.

Incoming document in mailroom

Incoming documents can be received through email or regular mail. Every item is organized and ready to be scanned.
Digital Conversion — Documents are scanned electronically for high-speed processing.
Advanced optical character recognition (OCR) software indexes digital documents and extracts the information needed for processing.
All digital documents can be stored and preserved for document retention when the conversion procedure is completed.

Recipients can manage their mail online through a virtual mailbox, which allows them to view their mail items, packages, magazines and post-cards remotely. Recipients can sort through their mail items by sender, status or date received. They can also see the location for where a specific mail item was delivered.

Recipients can submit requests on any mail items they receive in addition to viewing and sorting. Items in the mail can be scanned, recycled, or forwarded to another address.

A mailroom operator can see and process requests right away.

An employee can add a “area ID” to the recipient’s profile in our mailroom management software to identify the box number or location where the mail item is held. To facilitate tracking, mail items might be branded with unique barcodes.


Correspondence Management System Features

  • Easily Create, Manage And Track Internal Or External Correspondences
  • Create And Assign Tasks In Response To Correspondence
  • Correspondence Archiving & Viewing
  • E-Mail Notification Of Correspondence/ Changes
  • SMTP, Scanner & SMS Gateway Integration

  • Create Correspondences From Pre-Defined Templates
  • History And Audit Trail Of All Correspondences
  • Comprehensive Version Control
  • Barcode Insertion & Search In Correspondence
  • Add Public And Private Comments On Correspondences

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What Is a Digital Mailroom, and How Does It Work?

Digital mailroom software automates your mail processes, allowing you to capture and distribute mail more quickly, relieve employees of paper mail, and improve the identification and routing of essential information that enters your mailroom.

You’ll be able to speed up transactions, increase employee efficiency and productivity, and simplify document management with digital mailroom automation.

You can use digital mailroom software to set up a virtual hub in your firm where all incoming mail can be gathered and sent automatically to the right personnel. The answer is simple:

  • From any source, scans paper and captures digital mail.
  • Machine learning and artificial intelligence are used to classify all incoming mail.
  • Optical character recognition (OCR) is used to extract data from incoming mail in order to identify the receiver or department group.
  • Distributes now-digital mail to the appropriate persons or departments via email or a mail hub from which recipients can download their material.
  • Ensures compliance and quick search and retrieval by archiving mail in a digital format with the proper retention policies.

You can speed up document processing by creating high-quality digital photographs of all received mail documents and directing them to the proper person using digital mailroom automation. The solution manages every touchpoint through issue resolution and automates data integration from internal and external sources. You’ll be able to transform unstructured data into data that can be shared across all of your line-of-business applications.

See how much time and money you can save.

The time it takes for mail to reach the correct people is drastically reduced because to digital mailroom automation. While mail is automatically sorted, routed, and delivered for faster response times, your personnel in the physical mailroom can be more productive and given more strategic work.

You won’t have to rely on manual mailroom processes anymore, reducing the amount of time employees have to spend processing actual documents. You’ll save on personnel and operational costs, as well as missed deadlines and compliance issues, by automating the processing and prioritization of your incoming mail.

Digital Mailroom

To reduce costs, free up important resources, and improve business productivity, use advanced document capture, classification, data extraction, and business process integration to digitize and intelligently route all of your corporate correspondence.

Registry of Electronic Documents

Paper Problems Worth Solving

Of Attorneys Still Prefer To Work With Paper 55%
Of Law Firms Rely On Paper Matter Files 84%
Of Printed Paper Already Exists In The DMS 58%

Using a companywide centralized electronic registry that ensures document traceability, you can eliminate the danger of losing documents or incorrect classification. Automated notification technologies and task allocation can help you improve the efficiency of your company processes.

Management of Correspondence

Automate mailroom activities and correspondence distribution to the appropriate people and processes, swiftly register, classify, and route any incoming or outgoing business communication, and discover and extract relevant content from paper and electronic letters.

Operational Costs Have Been Reduced

When every task in the mailroom is done by hand, the cost of man-hours and resources quickly mounts. (Not to mention the fact that it increases the chances of making mistakes.) Mailroom management software automates the process, reducing human expenses while enhancing accuracy at every step.

Customer service has improved.

Providing a better client experience has been a standard practice in a variety of industries. Assuring that potential clients have access to time-sensitive papers when they need them is an important aspect of this. After all, a misplaced item in the mailroom or an inaccurately scrawled address can easily result in frustration and wasted chances. Mailroom management software prevents these issues by allowing you to track the location of your mail and expedite conversations.

Mailroom Management Software: What to Look For

You’ll want to be sure that any mailroom management software you purchase fits your requirements. Here are some pointers to consider as you go through the decision-making process:

Find a system vendor that you are familiar with and can rely on.
Inquire about the integration of new systems and modules with current systems.
Ensure that the system is accessible via mobile devices and that the user experience is optimal.
Check to see if you can keep track of relevant metrics to make informed management decisions.
Ascertain that data shared between networks is maintained safe and secure.
Inquire about available training and support both during and after the implementation process.