Is it Still Necessary for Businesses to Have a Correspondence Management System?

Do businesses still require a correspondence management system in the age of digital-first omnichannel communications? They certainly do. Despite popular belief, the death of print is not imminent, at least not in the field of customer communications management. In reality, many of our clients, particularly those in highly regulated industries like health care, financial services, and utilities, tell us that over 70% of their customer-facing communications are still printed and mailed rather than provided digitally.

Annual privacy policy notices and financial declarations, for example, must be printed and distributed in large batches all of the time. These mailings can be in the tens of millions per month for major corporations, necessitating quick, accurate personalization and automation, as well as the ability to swiftly generate an exact report of every item of correspondence generated and dispatched. Businesses still require a top-notch correspondence management solution since failure to verify compliance might result in costly fines and penalties.

In the Digital Age, What Does Correspondence Management Mean?

We must keep this print-and-mail reality in mind while we transition to a digital-first design and delivery strategy. Yes, we should design communications to be delivered through responsive digital means, but we must also ensure that they look excellent in print. Whether a customer saves a document to a hard drive, prints it for her records from a web portal, or receives it in the mail, each item of correspondence must look beautiful on screen and on paper while maintaining a consistent brand experience.

How a Correspondence Management System Can Help You Gain Control

Here’s how a good correspondence management system can save you time while keeping you compliant:

Break down messages into smaller chunks to make them easier to edit.
Require some or all messages to go through quality assurance. Lock font, size, and other formatting, or restrict modification entirely.
Documents, attachments, and enclosures should all be linked so that they always go out together.
Send time-sensitive regulatory notices automatically depending on geography or other criteria.
Keep a detailed audit trail and archive of all communications sent.

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