Three Ways a Correspondence Management System Can Benefit Your Business

Mailroom management software is one of the most essential pieces of equipment for a workplace mailroom. As your colleague who processes the majority of your office’s mail, if you don’t already have a digital distribution solution in place, this article is for you.

Digital mailroom

What is mailroom automation?

Mailroom management software is a powerful tool that can help you streamline your workflow, save money and protect valuable assets. With the right system in place, no item will be missed in the office’s daily mail onslaught.

A Correspondence Management System (CMS) helps you manage internal and external correspondence. It not only stores information about correspondence, but also enables you to log and track the documents, search capabilities, and even automate many tasks to reduce time spent on this process. Correspondence Management is nearly essential for any organization that communicates with clients or the general public. Correspondence Software allows you to manage all of your contacts, track information, schedule events and tasks and more.

Package clutter is more than just an eyesore; it’s also a security risk in the office. While online sellers such as Amazon provide lightning-fast delivery, office workers are notorious for being late to pick up their shipments. In 2018, 54% of office workers did not pick up their items on the day they came, and a third waited two or more days. Furthermore, if your office’s deliveries are kept at the front desk, the mounting mountain of parcels might make your front desk appear cluttered, giving visitors a negative first impression of your organization.

What are the features of mailroom software?

When purchasing a new office your first concern should be how to keep the delivery clutter off your desks. The WriteRoom Collaborative Mailroom Solution has been specifically designed to help you increase security and improve efficiency of the mailroom operation.

Why spend valuable time sorting through unimportant email clutter when you could be saving time and money by managing your business’s important deliveries instead? With a rich set of features, our Correspondence Management Software allows you to keep track of all your emails, packages, and documents.

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Managing the movements of goods within your company and to customers is essential for any business. When it comes to managing parcels, however, if you don’t use the right delivery management software you may be wasting time and effort.With a delivery management software, you will ensure that parcels are securely tracked and processed, so that any issues can be dealt with quickly. You’ll also be able to monitor customer service-related issues by tracking how many times a receiving employee or department sends a reminder note for a parcel that has not been picked up within a certain time frame.

With a correspondence management system, you can easily encourage responses and track them. Using customized templates and built-in analytics tools, you can measure interactions with your customers and see which topics prompt action. At the same time, incoming mail can be tracked using specific logic fields, allowing employees to filter by sender or subject line. Beyond tracking compliance messages, this tool can help streamline the process of customer service calls by providing callers with call logs and previous communications.

What other industries can benefit from mailroom automation?

  1. Healthcare – Automating the mailroom can help healthcare organizations manage patient records and other confidential documents, as well as streamline communication and improve patient care.
  2. Education – Automation can help streamline the management and distribution of important documents, such as student records, transcripts, and other important educational information.
  3. Legal – Automation can help legal organizations manage large amounts of paperwork related to court cases and other legal matters.
  4. Financial – Automation can help financial organizations streamline the processing of secure financial documents, such as loan applications, credit card applications, and other financial paperwork.
  5. Retail – Automation can help retail organizations manage customer orders, payments, and other customer-related documents more efficiently.

Will I need expensive equipment to turn my mailroom into a digital mailroom?

No, you do not need expensive equipment to turn your mailroom into a digital mailroom. You will need a computer, scanner and printer, as well as a digital filing system, but these items can be purchased for relatively low cost. Additionally, depending on the number of mail items your mailroom processes, you may need additional software or hardware to streamline your mailroom operations.

How can a virtual mailroom reduce expenses and save costs?

A virtual mailroom can reduce expenses and save costs by automating mailroom processes such as sorting, scanning, and indexing incoming mail, routing mail to the appropriate departments, and archiving documents. It can also provide secure online access to all mailroom documents, eliminating the need to store physical copies. By streamlining processes, virtual mailrooms can reduce labor costs and increase efficiency, resulting in reduced expenses and cost savings.

How can mailroom services increase your mail security?

Mailroom services can increase mail security in a number of ways. These services can provide secure storage for incoming and outgoing mail, as well as secure delivery and tracking of packages. Additionally, mailroom services can utilize specialized software to scan for suspicious material and track the movement of packages and documents. This helps to keep sensitive information secure and identify potential threats before they reach their intended recipient. Finally, mailroom services can set up secure courier services to ensure that packages and documents are delivered safely and securely.

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