Rules that will speed up the flow of information and documents in the company

Use technology skillfully

New technologies are presented as a way to improve the flow of information in the company. Thanks to computer systems that accelerate the circulation of documents, the costs of employee service are primarily reduced. The digitization of the document handling process also reduces the risk of their loss and automates tedious data conversion.

Documents in the company

Choose ONE tool to handle the entire process

All persons involved in the document circulation process, starting with the person entering this document into the system and ending with the final addressee of the document (manager, HR specialist, accountant) should have access to the same electronic file. This approach excludes the possibility of making a mistake when rewriting data between different systems and significantly reduces the time of document handling.

Inform the process participants at what stage the document is at

In a well-designed process, the system informs the user about documents awaiting consideration via instant messaging, e-mail or SMS. These notifications keep document processing running smoothly and on schedule.

Eliminate complicated instructions

The computer system should be as intuitive as driving a car. In applications where everyone in the company is a potential user, no instructions should be needed. The program should instruct us on how to take a vacation, change the address of residence or apply for a raise for subordinates. A clear presentation of data, suggestions for actions that can be carried out, and even the right order of entering information determine the intuitiveness of the solution.

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