CMS (Correspondence Management System) is an acronym for Correspondence Management System.

CMS keeps track of and organizes a company’s correspondence.

Losing track of correspondence and the flow/life cycle of documents are two things that might lead to a company’s demise. Organizations (Factories, Governments, Banking, etc.) must take complete control of internal and external correspondence and hand papers for their respective in a timely way in order to enhance efficiency.

Correspondence Management System

Organizations can use a Communication Management System (CMS) to track correspondence from a variety of sources, such as scanned letters, e-mails, faxes, and electronic documents, and manage it through automated processes to ensure that requests are handled properly.

CMS aims to help businesses achieve more by providing a secure and safe document storage system that secures access and avoids document loss. What are the benefits of CMS for customers? •Organizational structure, users, and user rights must all be defined and managed. •Document storing that is secure •Have your own digital archive •Live in a paperless atmosphere •Search effectively through incoming and outgoing correspondences while keeping track of the communication life cycle.

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