Collaborate with residents in a simple and rapid manner.

To better serve constituents via their preferred contact mode, listen, connect, and answer to correspondence swiftly and properly.

Correspondence Management system

The Correspondence Management system from Acumen Solutions makes it simple for government organizations to cooperate with their employees and other agencies. Government personnel can use Chatter to share information, ask questions, and submit ideas, as well as receive real-time feedback and responses from others in their organization.

Listening and Responding in a Multi-Channel Environment

Correspondence can take many different forms and implies different things to different people. It’s difficult to keep up with all of the many communication channels and reply to them in the same way. Government agencies can use Communication Management to manage a massive volume of correspondence across all channels, including social media, traditional mail, phone, email, and more, all in one unified cloud system.

Increase the accuracy of your responses

Get the information you need as soon as possible. Information and requests can be lost in the shuffle or end up with the incorrect person with so many methods to interact. This system allows government entities to gather, organize, and manage the status of communications, ensuring that all correspondences are addressed and handled correctly. Mail Management employs sophisticated logic and workflow to ensure that each piece of correspondence is sent to the correct recipient the first time, allowing them to respond swiftly and efficiently.

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