Electronic correspondence flow

Fast registration of documents

It is enough to scan the document or send it by e-mail and it will be automatically registered in the correspondence journal. You don’t need to run it in Excel anymore, save scans on your computer. From now on, you have a central correspondence register with a quick preview of documents, easily accessible to authorized persons.

Electronic correspondence flow

Incoming correspondence

The circulation of incoming correspondence will allow to organize its registration and internal distribution in the organization. Each shipment will be registered in the system and its course will be sent. Persons authorized to access will be able to quickly find any shipment or check the status.

Outgoing correspondence

The circulation of outgoing correspondence supports the organization in its creation, approval and dispatch. It allows you to print labels on envelopes in various formats.

Correspondence circulation paths

Each correspondence, both incoming and outgoing, can pass through the hands of different people in the organization. CMS allows for the free and quick transfer of correspondence between persons or the introduction of transfer rules for e.g. different types of correspondence.

Process monitoring

The management staff has full and current information on the course of each process. We know who is keeping the document and at what stage, for example, how many documents are waiting for approval. In the system, all processes become transparent and access to them is easily available.

Automatic numbering

CMS can automatically assign each registered incoming and outgoing correspondence a unique number in accordance with the pattern used in your organization. This will allow for continuity, uniqueness, and clarity of numbering and will facilitate the search for letters, letters or parcels in the system.

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