Circulation of cost invoices

Implementation in 24h

How is this possible. Our system can be implemented within 24 hours because it is the client who installs and implements the solution for the circulation of cost invoices with our technical support. After installation, the system is ready for operation. Just complete the basic dictionaries and you can start working! The approach has been confirmed with over 100 clients

Invoice system

Who Can Benefit From the System

In principle, the software is adapted to serve any industry. The size of the company does not matter. Our portfolio includes small companies as well as large economic entities. It does not require complicated training and business analysis, which is of great importance in terms of implementation costs. The system interface has been designed in a very intuitive way.

Simple path of circulation and acceptance

Cost invoice registration

All documents should always be placed in a central registration place. It can be the company’s secretariat or accounting.

Paper invoices are scanned and registered. Then they should go to the accounting department. The entire process of circulation and acceptance should take place using the system.

Registration of a cost invoice or any document can be done in three ways:

  • mailbox import – the system automatically downloads e-mails and creates entries in the correspondence journal. If it recognizes the contractor’s email, it automatically connects him with the correspondence.
  • Import from a folder on disk – the operator registering invoices has the ability to scan to a folder from multifunction devices. In the Secretariat system, during import, indicate the folder in which the scans are located.
  • Manual adding of documents – if necessary, the operator can manually add any documents.

Timeliness of describing we can help set the date by which a given document must be described. If this does not happen, the system will mark it as delayed.

Checking during registration

When registering and adding a document, the system checks and suggests whether there are already registered documents with a similar invoice number for a given contractor.

Description and assignment

At the document registration stage, we indicate who the document is to be sent to. Each operator in the system sees only the documents that have been assigned to him.

To describe a document, just use the description field or notes and add information about the invoice, and then change the status of the document to inform the accounting about the description.

And so much of the document has been described and is available for accounting. For registration purposes, we can print the document’s certificate and attach it to the original document.

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