The Advantages of Using a Digital Mailroom to Automate Your Business

The way individuals live their lives has changed as a result of technological advancements. There has been a significant movement in our lives from traditional ways to new technology trends. Technology has become so ingrained in our lives that it is nearly impossible to function without it, even while performing the most basic chores. You are employing technology even as you read this text. This digital revolution has occurred at both the industrial and organizational levels, and the COVID pandemic has only expedited it. It was cutting-edge technology that kept everyone connected and businesses working during this sad time.

Artificial intelligence and virtual reality are now being employed by businesses, despite the fact that they were newly introduced and were not used by businesses previously. Take, for example, a mailroom in a building. In the mailroom, routine chores included manual data entry, where recipients were manually told about their packages; individual notifications via a package pickup call; and inefficient package sorting. Digital mailrooms are all the rage these days, and the latest mailroom technology is being used to automate every element of mailroom operations.

What Is a Digital Mailroom, and How Does It Work?

A typical mailroom would deliver mail to the appropriate department using a cart and a paper trail. It had been a well-practiced drill, with the same procedure repeated throughout the week. A digital mailroom, on the other hand, uses the newest technology to give a better solution for processing mail than a traditional mailroom. It digitizes your company’s inbound and outbound deliveries before sending them to the appropriate recipient in the lowest time possible.

A digital mailroom software program digitizes your mailroom while also improving your company’s processes. Every document is categorized as needed, assigned to storage racks, and tracked using AI and machine learning in the mailroom software. With this digital transformation, there is minimum work required, as well as numerous additional advantages. So, what are the other advantages? Let’s take a closer look at them!
Mailroom software

Benefits of Using a Digital Mailroom

Make the switch to paperless!

One of the most significant advantages of employing digital mailroom services is the reduced consumption of paper. There is no need to keep records manually because everything can be scanned and registered into the system. To scan both printed and handwritten labels, the mailroom technology employs cutting-edge technology such as Optical Character Recognition (OCR). Furthermore, a digital document may be quickly found in the database. As a result, digital documents are ideal for collaborative work, particularly if you operate remotely or need to access data from any location at any time. Furthermore, by removing the need for paper, digital mailroom services help you lower your carbon footprint.

Notifications in a timely manner

Notifying recipients of their deliveries was a pain without digital mailroom tools. You can quickly alert recipients about their deliveries after automating your mailroom. The mailroom software enables you to scan a package and automatically send an email or SMS to the recipient. The person is notified about the package in a matter of seconds this manner. Additionally, the recipient will receive reminders to pick up their gifts.

Operational Costs are as low as possible.

Long training sessions are not required with digital mailroom software. Mailroom operators and managers can efficiently operate with these mailroom software because it is very easy to use. This lowers the costs of onboarding and training. Furthermore, instead of archiving every piece of paper and filling cabinets, a digital mailroom allows you to instantly delete undesired mail once it is no longer needed by the recipient. This can help you free up some space in your mailroom without requiring more storage.

There have been no delivery failures.

With digital mailroom automation, you may rest assured that you will not misplace important mail or packages. Every inbound and outbound parcel is tracked by the digital mailroom software until it reaches the intended recipient. At the back end, every piece of data is kept, and a chain of custody is maintained. By looking at the package history, you can quickly recall any package journey. With modern mailroom technology, the chances of a parcel being lost are little to none.

Additional Delivery Storage

Using the most up-to-date mailroom equipment also means having extra space for incoming deliveries. The recipients are contacted about their delivery as soon as possible, which helps to increase same-day pickups. Furthermore, the recipients have control over their delivery’s fate, and the requested action can be carried out. It also entails discarding any deliveries that are no longer required, obviating the necessity for unclaimed mail storage. Your digital mailroom will always be organized, allowing you to store more deliveries!

Processing Packages Quickly

Humans, on the other hand, are prone to make mistakes, whereas technology is not. You can save time and effort by using a digital mailroom. Every package is efficiently delivered to the intended recipient.

Details about lost or misplaced packages are constantly at your fingertips, ensuring that you always have an answer for a customer. Furthermore, the software’s capacity to effectively sort and prioritize mail improves operating efficiency dramatically. For example, you can use ‘First In First Out’ principles and organize your mail by pick update so that you don’t have to walk through the entire stack to find a package at the far end.

Process that is safe

Package theft is a common occurrence, and there’s a chance your delivery will be taken. By keeping a comprehensive chain of custody throughout the package delivery process, a digital mailroom decreases the likelihood of such incidents. Until the addressee picks it up, the parcel remains in the mailroom of the building. Furthermore, digital mailroom software automatically saves proof of delivery, which can be retrieved immediately, reducing package theft and missing parcels.

Customer Service Improvements

There is always the risk of error with manual operations, which has a negative impact on the customer satisfaction rating. A company must put its best foot forward and give a consistent experience to its customers. The margin for error is minimized with digital mailroom automation. Customer mail and shipments may be recovered in seconds, rapid mail notifications can be sent, and effective contact can be created between the mailroom and the recipient. All of these additions contribute to a higher customer satisfaction rating.

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